Roleplaying Guide

1.What is a roleplay?
2.Where do I roleplay?
3.Roleplay Scenarios
4.Roleplay Pet Peeves
5.CWA Staff Interviewers
6.CWA Stadium Surroundings
7.HTML Usage


A roleplay is a written interview from your wrestler's mouth. In the CWA, several roleplays against a given opponent can mean a very easy victory. In order to win a match, the quality of your roleplays needs to be better than your opponents, and you need to roleplay more often. The key here is, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. If you write two or three 25 line roleplays, and your opponent writes a 50 or 75 line roleplay, the quality of your roleplay is probably not nearly as good. Length is usually looked at first, then the quality of your words. Within this page, you can learn the Do's and Dont's of roleplaying. Enjoy!


The best thing to do, is roleplay using a text file on your computer. Then, go to the roleplaying board (located on the CWA Home Page) and copy and paste your roleplay into the roleplaying board.


Originality is a big key in becoming a good roleplayer. Being original is difficult, so I have arranged some possible scenarios for roleplayers.
(1) You are being interviewed by one of the CWA staff members,
(2) You are caught backstage by a camera man and say a few words before a match
(3) You are asked to be interviewed by reporters after getting out of your car/limo before a big event
(4) A set-up interview backstage by one of the CWA staff
(5) Interrupt a CWA match and begin to speak, challenging several CWA members
(6) Bring in a fake opponent and beat the crap out of him and then say a few words about how you are going to do it to your next opponent
(7) A camera man catches you backstage talking to someone
(8) A camera man catches you talking to your stable in the dressing room
(9) You can be run down by one of the CWA staff and asked for an interview
(10) You can address the stadium by using one of the CWA television set-up around the arena


One thing you do not want to do is annoy other members and staff of the CWA in any way. Here are some do's and dont's of Championship Wrestling Alliance
(1) DO NOT use a bunch of different colors in your roleplay
(2) DO make sure that people can read your roleplays
(3) DO NOT make careless spelling mistakes
(4) DO use pictures in your roleplays
(5) DO NOT use cuss words within your roleplays
(6) DO write long roleplays
(7) DO NOT use any other WCW/WWF/ECW wrestler or staff in your roleplay
(8) DO make your character's face or heel association clear
(9) DO NOT beat up or use any other member in your roleplay without his permission
(10) DO make sure that you did not use HTML in your roleplay INCORRECTLY


After a while, I get sick of people writing their roleplays with people like Mean Gene interviewing them. Mean Gene works for World Championship Wrestling, NOT Championship Wrestling Alliance. The following is a description of some of the CWA staff members that you can use in your roleplays to interview you:
(1) Cowboy Chris Camnito - Jim Ross type announcing, but about 20 years younger
(2) Mean Mike McLean - Mean Gene type interviewer, but about 10 years younger, former wrestler
(3) Derrick Anoymi - Michael Cole type interviewer, but not gay, clean cut, former manager
(4) Tom Clamoy - Lead Announcer, interviews during television shows only


Championship Wrestling Alliance has a set like no other, including several mixtures of different WWF/WCW/ECW sets. Therefore, I feel the need to describe it to you. The aisle way resembles that of ECW in which the aisle is elevated and on the same level as the ring. There is one television by the entrance way and it is elevated. This is where highlight shows are showed, and wrestler's interviews. You can call it whatever you want, but it has no exact name. The ring mat usually is white with the CWA logo in the middle, and a black border surrounding it.


A very important part of making your roleplays look good is HTML. Hyper-text-markup-language is often used to make your text look different, add pictures, and add background sound. The following scripts can be copied and pasted and used in your roleplays. For the pictures and background sound, you need to insert the internet address of the file you wish to use in the designated area.

Background Sound -
<bgsound src="URL HERE"loop="1"

Picture -
<img src="name">
Adds an image

<img src="name" align=?>
Aligns an image: left, right, center; bottom, top, middle

<img src="name" border=?>
Sets size of border around an image

Inserts a horizontal rule

<hr size=?>
Sets size (height) of rule

<hr width=?>
Sets width of rule, in percentage or absolute value

<hr noshade>
Creates a rule without a shadow

Text Changes -
Creates preformatted text

Creates the largest headline

Creates the smallest headline

Creates bold text

Creates italic text

Creates teletype, or typewriter-style text

Creates a citation, usually italic

Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)

Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)

<font size=?></font>
Sets size of font, from 1 to 7

<font color=?></font>
Sets font color, using name or hex value

Roleplaying Guide